While the children are around an open hive, we implement a three foot rule that prevents the children crowding a hive. This reduces the risk of provoking the bees.  Frames of bees will be brought over to the children so that they can see all the activity. In the case of the seeing the queen bee and a closer look, they will be invited in pairs or threes to the hive by the beekeeper.

As there are regular inspections of the hives we will always use the hive with the calmest bees. We also use a close-up policy, meaning that if upon initial opening of a hive, it is found that the bees within are asking aggressively, the hive will be closed immediately.

A risk assessment indicates that there is negligible serious risk to visitors. Bee stings, should they happen will be treated with standard topical ointment and an ice bag to reduce swelling.