Organising a Visit

While we have nearly 20 children's suits of various sizes and half a dozen adult suits and jackets, in order to be assured that we have sufficient numbers to fit visiting children we have a policy of no more than 12 visiting children at a time. This number also gives the children better access to the experience.

As the apiary is on a working allotment the ground is uneven and access is restricted. As such while we would like to offer this opportunity to all, please discuss any potential issues with project members when arranging a visit to avoid disappointment on the day.

Bees are wild creatures and have a tendency to sting if provoked. Please bear this in mind when selecting children for a visit.

Visitors should not wear strong perfumes or insect repellents. These also have a tendency to provoke bees.

Visitors should bring a bottle of water to drink after the visit as the suits can be hot.